I think I fixed it!

I was having a small issue with the navigation bar at the top of the new layout. When you hovered over the “Comics” tab, you would get a dropdown list of all of the comics I’ve posted so far. Okay, that’s great for right now with a grand total of five comics, but that’s gonna cause a lot of issues later down the road when I have over a hundred comics posted (I do plan on getting to that point some day…), and each individual comic gets listed in the dropdown list. It’ll just look like an unorganized mess. 😛 So I’ve done some tweaking, and finally figured out how to take off the dropdown part, making it just a normal tab that links to the comic list. Looks a lot better that way.

Also, I do apologize for not fixing that sooner. I do have a real job (okay, two of them) that tends to prevent me from working on this site as much as I want to. And when I’m working almost 60 hours this week alone, I’m about as dead as roadkill up in here. 😛 But I’ll get there…eventually.


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