Doing a much needed remodel…

I haven’t given up on this place. Really, I haven’t.

I have been working on updating some parts of the site that needed reworking. i even updated the logo!

Ralynkei Logo Reboot PNG_00001

It might not look that different unless you directly compare it to the old one:

Ralynkei Logo Reboot PNG_00001 getimage







There were several things that I wanted to change up, most notably that the characters in the back were cropped off at the bottom. Now everybody is a complete drawing. I even have it set up so I can single out each individual silhouette.



I have no reason to actually do that, but it’s pretty cool that I can do that. 😀

Also, Ralynkei has its own Zazzle store now, instead of just being tacked on to my main Studio of the Silver Fox one. Feels more official that way.

And I have some other things I’m working on. Comics are being planned and made, and I have some other ideas on projects I want  to work on. I’m not saying too much now, mostly because it’s stuff that will take a while to work on, and I’m not sure which ideas will actually pan out, to be honest. 😛 So I’m leaving it as a big ol’ mystery for now.


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