The Cast of Ralynkei


raenurprofileSelf-proclaimed leader of the group. He has a big ego, and tends to get offended rather easy. Maybe that’s why he deosn’t get along with Kyitae so well…



graizprofileGraiz is hyper, energetic, and always looking for somthing fun to do. He tends to talk before he thinks, which either accidently starts an argument, or just makes things really awkward.



ferimprofileGraiz’s cousin and Raenur’s girfriend. She’s become the “Peacemaker”, since she spends a lot of time breaking up the various fights that erupt within the group.



rykinprofileRykin is the were…thing. Nobody’s really sure what Rykin is, really. He rarely changes into his were form, though…since clothes can’t really change with him. He’s the prankster, and loves to play tricks on everyone.



elvenprofileElven loves adventure. He’s always looking for excuses to go out on a quest for something. He’s rarely seen without his handy sword at his side.



arjurprofile1Ajur’s just a laid-back, fun-loving guy. He always looks for the positive in bad situatins and people. When that fails, though, he’s ready and willing to kick some ass. Despite his appearance, he’s remakably strong.



kyitaeprofileLittle kitty, big attitude. Always cynical, Kyitae has a snarky comment for anything and everyone. She never says it out loud, but she doesn’t hide the fact that she’s close friends with both Arjur and Daggur.


Daggur McWoof

daggurprofileLike Graize, Daggur is full of energy, which might be why they get along so well. He looks up to Kyitae (despite being bigger than her), and loves tagging along with her. He’s a bit naive, and he doesn’t understand many of the conersations within the group, but he tries his to keep up with everyone.

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