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I think I fixed it!

I was having a small issue with the navigation bar at the top of the new layout. When you hovered over the “Comics” tab, you would get a dropdown list of all of the comics I’ve posted so far. Okay, that’s great for right now with a grand total of five comics, but that’s gonna cause a lot of issues later down the road when I have over a hundred comics posted (I do plan on getting to that point some day…), and each individual comic gets listed in the dropdown list. It’ll just look like an unorganized mess. πŸ˜› So I’ve done some tweaking, and finally figured out how to take off the dropdown part, making it just a normal tab that links to the comic list. Looks a lot better that way.

Also, I do apologize for not fixing that sooner. I do have a real job (okay, two of them) that tends to prevent me from working on this site as much as I want to. And when I’m working almost 60 hours this week alone, I’m about as dead as roadkill up in here. πŸ˜› But I’ll get there…eventually.


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Enough of this “Hiatus” thing…

…It’s time to get down to business.


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I never mentioned this?

Apparently, I never updated about the fact that I sprained my wrist several weeks back. (Story here if you want the deets.) But, I did, and now it’s healed to the point that I can get back to drawing. I’m still having some issues with the tendon in my thumb, but I can at least hold the effin’ pencil now.

Of course, that doesn’t help the fact that I’m now three weeks out of practice, and therefore everything I draw right now is coming up like crap. So I’m working on a bunch of practice drawings before going back to comic art, not only because it helps me re-train myself to draw, but it also acts like a physical therapy for the afore-mentioned tendon issue. =P But worry not, my dear readers, for there are arts being made, and comics being plotted out! I just gotta get them to actually look right…

Until then, enjoy my…ranting? =\


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I’ve been a BAD artist…

…All not updating this site and whatnot. πŸ˜›

I guess I should start this off by saying that despite comments left in my previous blog and on my forum (and on my Wikifur article, for that matter), I am not dead. Nor do I plan to be any time in the near future. I’m not going into details, but the situation was taken care of, and hopefully, we won’t have any more scares like that in the future.

But now let’s talk about site updating. As I type this, I’m planning and working on new comics. Okay, it’s more like *types a little* *stops to work on comic* *types a little more* *stops to work on comic more*, but you get the idea. πŸ˜€ I think my motivation to do this went way up today when I logged into my Zazzle store and discovered that someone bought the Arjur’s Epic Quote Mug that I made way back after the first comic and almost forgot about. Funny how the first product I make becomes the first product I sell. ^_^ After discovering this, I promptly did the following:

1) Fell over
2) Died
3) Came back to life
4) Was happy that I have a full $1.82 credited to my Zazzle account =3

I must celebrate this success somehow. I’ll find a way.

Speaking of updates and my store, I really have to give the store link on this site a major overhaul. It needs to be more organized, and I have to update the new stuff I’ve since added, like the variety of items featuring a cute picture of Raenur and Ferim. (Yes, each word is a different link.) I’ll be working on that, so don’t be surprised if the appearance of the store page looks dramatically different all of a sudden. πŸ˜‰

And with that, I’m off to draw some more!


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Getting back in buisiness!

Now that about 90% of my offline dilemmas are taken care of (including getting my truck repaired and legalized πŸ˜› ), I can start devoting more time to this site, the blog, and of course, the comics. I’m still in the process of fixing the mangled comics #3 and #4, as well as working on new ones to post. πŸ˜€

Now to start making this drawing schedule work…


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I don’t know what happened, either…

For some unexplainable reason, comics 3 and 4 got messed up and barely readable out of nowhere. They were perfectly fine and clear when I posted them originally (at least by my handwriting standards… πŸ˜‰ ), but now they’re all blocky and whatnot.

It’s a good thing I keep the paper copies neatly filed away–as my work space is usually horribly cluttered πŸ™„ –because I might just have to re-scan and re-upload.

I’m sorry for the current mess that they are. I’ll get it fixed ASAP.


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An entire year already?!?

Yesterday marked the one year anniversary of the first Ralynkei comic ever posted! πŸ˜€ We haven’t gotten all that far since then( πŸ™„ ), but this is a new year with new opportunities! Let’s see how well I can do the second time around! πŸ™‚


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Sorry you haven’t seen me…

Ever since I got this third job, my life’s been kinda crazy…Actually, scratch that. My life’s been outright insane. 😯

I’ve been working 60+ hours a week for several weeks, and as such I rarely get much time to myself. In fact, this week alone, I work something close to 70 hours. It sucks, but I have to get the bills paid somehow. 😐

I’m still working on comics, as well as the new and improved forum. And yes, I know I’m lazy about taking the forum link off of the navigation section. I don’t plan on having the forums down for much longer, so I never took it down after the last one collapsed.

In any event, keep an eye out for new comics and a new forum. I’m also working on tweaking some of the pages in here, such as expanding the Cast page. I don’t know when I’ll finish that, but it should be soon…assuming my life stops getting in the way. πŸ˜›


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Belated Valentine’s Day Special!

Yeah, I know I’m a week late and wrong with this. Prolly one of the reasons that I’m still single. πŸ™„ But these things happen when you work three jobs to pay the bills. I even had everything done the Thursday before Valentine’s Day, but then I ended up working constant double shifts from then until now. WorkΒ already shot my chances at the Thanksgiving and Christmas specials, and I refuse to let work take away another Holiday comic! πŸ˜€

Usually, I take some time to fix any inking mistakes before posting comics, but until I can save up the $200 required to fix my laptop, I just don’t have the time and resorces to do that. So what you see is the rough inking of this comic.

But enough excuses. On with the comic!

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It’s coming back!

Okay, now that I’ve had some time to take care of things, I’m getting back to wrinting new comics for this site. Assuming my regular jobs (Yes, I work at two jobs)Β don’t keep me away from it too long, I’m hoping to start posting new comics sometime in the next week or two. πŸ™‚

By the way, Some of y’alls may have noticed the Donate button on my profile page. I put that there just in case someone with a few bucks to spare ever wanted to lend me a hand in getting the bills paid and food on the table. πŸ˜‰ For the longest time, the address was Feed_The_Starving_Artist[at]
Why I made the address so appallingly long is beyond even me. So to make things easier, I changed it to fftsa[at] (Food For The Starving Artist, in case you were curious…Just change “[at]” to the standard “@” symbol. πŸ˜‰ )
So, if you ever want to help an artist out with a little extra change, make sure you go to the new address to send it. Otherwise, I’ll never see it. As soon as I can figure out why WordPress won’t let me change the textΒ section, I’ll change that button over there as well.

Thanks! See you in the next comic!


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