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Don’t be hatin’ on the…

Mother-Effin’ Notebook!

Dragon Hug Notebook notebook
Dragon Hug Notebook by StudiooftheSilverFox


Yeah, I’m working on a bunch of stuff with this site, and the store attaching to it. Just wanted to post something to say I haven’t given up on this little site. =D


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Happy Turkey Day!

Just saying Happy Thanksgiving to all of you from all of us at Ralynkei! (Which consists of…well…Me. 😛 ) Now go get stuffed like the turkey! 😀


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Check out my store!

That’s right…Now I have a store! 😀 Granted, there’s only two types of shirt on sale right now, but there’s much more to come! Feel free to drop a suggestion in the comments! Enjoy the store!

Ralynkei store



And while I’m updating, I do apologise for not putting up the second comic as planned…Unfortunately, I had many offline issues that prevented me from working on it. Busy, busy me. 😐 With any luck, it should be up by Monday or Tuesday.


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Welcome to Ralynkei!

Welcome to my blog! This place exists to post my webcomic Ralynkei, a series of short comic stories. The first one will be posted very soon. I only need to accomplish two things:

1) I need to finish it.

2) I need to have it scanned on the computer.

I’m hoping I can do this somtime over the weekend. I’m pulling an all-nighter tonight just to finish it, and I hope it’s worth the sleep deprivation. Keep checking in here for it!


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