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Enough of this “Hiatus” thing…

…It’s time to get down to business.


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Belated Valentine’s Day Special!

Yeah, I know I’m a week late and wrong with this. Prolly one of the reasons that I’m still single. 🙄 But these things happen when you work three jobs to pay the bills. I even had everything done the Thursday before Valentine’s Day, but then I ended up working constant double shifts from then until now. Work already shot my chances at the Thanksgiving and Christmas specials, and I refuse to let work take away another Holiday comic! 😀

Usually, I take some time to fix any inking mistakes before posting comics, but until I can save up the $200 required to fix my laptop, I just don’t have the time and resorces to do that. So what you see is the rough inking of this comic.

But enough excuses. On with the comic!

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It’s coming back!

Okay, now that I’ve had some time to take care of things, I’m getting back to wrinting new comics for this site. Assuming my regular jobs (Yes, I work at two jobs) don’t keep me away from it too long, I’m hoping to start posting new comics sometime in the next week or two. 🙂

By the way, Some of y’alls may have noticed the Donate button on my profile page. I put that there just in case someone with a few bucks to spare ever wanted to lend me a hand in getting the bills paid and food on the table. 😉 For the longest time, the address was Feed_The_Starving_Artist[at]
Why I made the address so appallingly long is beyond even me. So to make things easier, I changed it to fftsa[at] (Food For The Starving Artist, in case you were curious…Just change “[at]” to the standard “@” symbol. 😉 )
So, if you ever want to help an artist out with a little extra change, make sure you go to the new address to send it. Otherwise, I’ll never see it. As soon as I can figure out why WordPress won’t let me change the text section, I’ll change that button over there as well.

Thanks! See you in the next comic!


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