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Where have I been all this time?!

It’s been a long time since I posted in here, hasn’t it? I’ve been going through some personal stuff that took priority over the site. It didn’t help that my laptop finally died…Well…kinda died. The charge port came loose in it, and it couldn’t charge anymore. At the cost to fix it, I might as well put the money to a new computer.

And I do have a new computer! Okay, it’s really a used computer, but it’s new to me, so it counts! And it works! So I have it set up so I can actually work on the site more. And I’m certainly working on this site! I cleaned up the sidebar a lot. There was a bunch of junk clogging it up that I thought was a great idea at the time, but now that I’m older and wiser, I realized that it’s just useless stuff that needed to go. I’m liking the look a lot better! I also cleared out all the spam comments that were all over the place. Next up is cleaning up and editing all the pages of the site. I’ll probably start working on that when it’s not almost 5 in the morning.

And as a final update, I have a new Twitter account for the site! I decided that Ralynkei needed its own Twitter, mostly for quick updates that don’t warrant a full blog update. So if you have a Twitter account, go ahead and follow me there!

More content is on the way!


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Dear holy kittens! What happened to the site?!

Yeah, my regular readers might have noticed that the site suddenly changed. Change is not a bad thing, of course. 😉 Among those changes:

  • I decided it was time to update the general look of the site, and I found a new theme/layout that I think works better, mostly because it has more space. The old layout was good, but it left comics looking cramped and therefore hard to read. D:
  • Facebook page! I officially started a Facebook page! Check out the sidebar on your right to read the posts, and don’t forget to click the “Like” button!
  • I’ve momentarily lost the header logo, but it should be back soon! It needed to be fixed, anyway! 😛
  • Sadly, Meebo is no more. D: So we lost the one-on-one chat, as well as the chat room I had. Nothing can really be done about the single chat, but I’m searching around for a new chat room for all of us to share!

And things to look forward to in the future:

  • Comics! And then more comics! I have a lot of them in the works as I type this!
  • I’m playing with some ideas for keeping the store up-to-date a lot better. Consequently, I’ve been neglecting the store page. Feel free to go to the Zazzle store page directly, though. 😉
  • Prolly a whole lot more as I figure out the new WordPress widgets I have to play with…

Keep checking in from time to time, and see what else I decide to change! And now for a poll!

Edit: I found out after posting this that I apparently reached a WordPress goal of 45 posts. This bring up two questions:

  1. I had goals to accomplish here?
  2. I’ve been that inactive?!

Learn something new every day, I tells ya. 😛


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We are having technical difficulties…

Sorry I haven’t updated for a while. A long list of offline issues has kept me away from the computer for most of the past two weeks. With any luck, that’ll clear up soon, and I can get back to adding comics and updating my blog and such. 😀

And for people that log onto the Ralynkei forums on any kind of a regular basis, I’m trying to fix the smilies that exploded. I got about half of them back up, and I’ll work on adding more when I get more time.

Eventually, things will get back together, and I can get back to procrastinating in peace. Okay, I’m somewhat kidding on that last part. 😛


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I don’t know what happened, either…

For some unexplainable reason, comics 3 and 4 got messed up and barely readable out of nowhere. They were perfectly fine and clear when I posted them originally (at least by my handwriting standards… 😉 ), but now they’re all blocky and whatnot.

It’s a good thing I keep the paper copies neatly filed away–as my work space is usually horribly cluttered 🙄 –because I might just have to re-scan and re-upload.

I’m sorry for the current mess that they are. I’ll get it fixed ASAP.


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Way to ruin it for everyone!

Some of you may be wondering about my Twitter update about the internet cafe and it’s blocking of random sites. Well, I got the scoop from one of the people working here.

Apparently, someone got around their original site blocker, and was able to access porn sites. So they reconfigured the program to block anything that might have something slightly-not-nice on it…which is pretty much everything except WordPress and the Ralynkei forum (Thankfully! 😕 ), Facebook/Myspace/Twitter, and my email. Beyond that, I can’t do much of anything. I can’t access Meebo anymore, or even the shoutbox on the forum. I’m doing what I can with what I got, though.

Thanks a ton, random porn addict. 👿


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The NEW new forums!

I’ve given FireForumz enough time, and they still haven’t come back. So I’ve decided to move on. Welcome, now to the third incarnation of the Ralynkei forums, this time hosted by Forumotion! With any luck, it won’t explode on me this time. 😛

Join today!


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Moar changes!

I’m revamping the look of the site yet again. Website maintaining is an ever-changing progress. 😉 Not only has the store been remade, but I’ve also cleaned up the Navigation links on the sidebar. You don’t have to go to a separate page to click on the weblistings links, so you can vote all you want from the main page! 😉

Also, I now have a link to my Zazzle store. Not only can you see non-Ralynkei products (should I ever make them. 🙄 ), but you can check out new products, like the bumper sticker and magnet I created, before I update the store to show them! 😀

And, as some of you have noticed, I now have “TwitNews”–a.k.a. Twitter updates–located on the sidebar. This makes it easier to update everyone on the site (and, to some extent, what I’m up to) without having to post new entries every time. And since I have it linked up to my phone, I don’t even have to be online to update it! 😉

And since I actually have today off of work (how did that happen? 😕 ), that gives me more comic-making time! 😀 I’m going to dedicate as much of today to comic drawing as I can, and hopefully, I can have new ones posted in the next couple of days.

One final note: The forums should be coming back soon. Fireforumz just bought new servers, and is in the process of updating the entire site. Hopefully, once that’s done, we can get the community started again! 😀

I’ll keep everyone posted!


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